Fair does not Equal Equal

When my children were younger, their operative word was “FAIR,” as in: “It's NOT fair!.” “It's not fair. Liz can stay up later than I can.” “It's not fair. Jeff doesn't have a curfew, and I did.” Most...

Fixing Education: Who You Gonna Believe?

A philosophy of education has been repeated, however, from every media source known to us. Not by those who have real skin in the game. By business leaders and “reformers” who rely on little or no research, who use improbable business models to tell us how to teach.

Starving the Beast

Starving the beast, at the very least, will just increase its hunger. Go right ahead and starve me dead. It will only make me stronger. --They Might be Giants If They Might Be Giants sing it you know it's true...