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Welcome to Going Public, a site for those who believe, as we do, that public education is the heart of our democracy.

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Fair does not Equal Equal

When my children were younger, their operative word was “FAIR,” as in: “It’s NOT fair!.” Most parents hear it. And most say, “I will give you what you need. You and Jeff are different and need different things. That’s what’s fair.” It seems so obvious that those who believe “fair is the same as equal” […]

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Fixing Education: Who You Gonna Believe?

A philosophy of education has been repeated, however, from every media source known to us. Not by those who have real skin in the game. By business leaders and “reformers” who rely on little or no research, who use improbable business models to tell us how to teach.

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They have their talking points. Where are ours?

we need our own set of talking points, whether we’re on a call-in show or invited to one of those fancy cocktail parties. But here’s the key: We need to agree to use them.

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7 Things You Need to Know about Your Public School

Our public schools are the last real space where people from different classes and different walks of life come together to learn, to share ideas, and to be afforded a fair opportunity to reach for the American dream. At the same time, unless you work in a public school or have a child enrolled in […]

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What They Don’t Want You to Know about Standardized Testing

We create a homogenous culture at our own peril.

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The Gorilla Speaks: It’s time to Change the Conversation

Nancy’s article for the Huffington Post is trending: Read “The Gorilla Speaks” here.  

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Starving the Beast

If They Might Be Giants sing it you know it’s true! They wouldn’t lie to children, and neither should we. But the clock is running so fast in many states that it may be too late to call for repairs. The truth is that we like our educational system. We support teachers and the work […]

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Nancy writes OP-ED for Good Magazine

Nancy recently wrote an OP-ED for Good Magazine outlining the history of education “reform.” Education Reform: Who’s Winning and Why We’re All Losing. Read Nancy’s OP-ED here.

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