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Why We All Need to Put Quotation Marks Around Education “Reform”

Are you listening, Malcom Gladwell? I think we’re at a tipping point in education “reform.” This weekend Gail Collins wrote about the obscene amount of money the 1% are making from education. Gail Collins does not suffer fools gladly, people. Recall the number of times she called our attention to the fateful trip Mitt Romney’s [...]

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GoingPublic partners with Civilian Studios for Doc

          Diane Paragas and Amy Lawday of Civilian Studios have signed on to co-direct the Going Public feature length documentary! Diane just directed Brooklyn Boheme with Nelson George which was purchased by Showtime! Stay tuned…

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“First they came for the……and then they came for me, but there was nobody left.” Most of us can quote Pastor Martin Niemöller’s famous lines, at least some of them. At least the gist of it. Most of us give tacit voice to it’s message. We get it, so of course we’d like to think [...]

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It Can’t Happen Here… Really?

Sinclair Lewis wrote the satirical political novel, It Can’t Happen Here, in 1935, when the United States and Western Europe had been in a depression for six years.  Lewis asks us to consider what could happen if some ambitious politician used the 1936 presidential election to make himself dictator by promising quick, easy solutions to [...]

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United Opt Out opposes High Stakes Testing

High stakes testing functions in opposition to QUALITY PUBLIC EDUCATION  United Opt Out National is an organization of passionate, informed educators who have studied the ill effects of mandated standardized tests. They have issued a list of reasonable demands which I hope you’ll read and support: We, administrators of United Opt Out National, wish to [...]

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Like Lemmings

In the eleven years I spent teaching at a suburban school I saw five principals come and go. Each new one was the exact opposite of the last. The hiring committee decided that Mr. A was not intellectual enough so they fired him and hired Mrs. B. She was intelligent all right, but no one [...]

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They Are Occupying Wall Street So That You Don’t Have To. Or Do You?

We just returned from adding our support and thanks to the hundreds of people who are occupying Zuccotti Park in Lower Manhattan. They are among the kindest, most polite people I’ve seen in a long time. The park was immaculate. Volunteers were sweeping the pavement, others were quietly playing music, a few were holding signs. [...]

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Reading, Writing, ‘Rithmetic….and Responsibility

Sometimes when I can’t sleep, I listen to BBC radio. It’s on my local NPR station from 2 am until 5 (I know, crazy huh?). Last week I sat upright listening to a piece about the horrific journey some kids in Zimbabwe make to get a top notch education in Johannesburg. They have to cross [...]

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