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What They Don’t Want You to Know about Standardized Testing

We create a homogenous culture at our own peril.

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The marvels of Facebook surprised me again last week. A former student–this time from 1968–’found’ me through my daughter’s work. Thanks, Liz ( Wendy reminded me of “Alice in Bookland,” the film we made when she was in the 4th grade. Her gracious message brought on a wonderland of memories. I followed my reverie to [...]

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GoingPublic partners with Civilian Studios for Doc

          Diane Paragas and Amy Lawday of Civilian Studios have signed on to co-direct the Going Public feature length documentary! Diane just directed Brooklyn Boheme with Nelson George which was purchased by Showtime! Stay tuned…

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It Can’t Happen Here… Really?

Sinclair Lewis wrote the satirical political novel, It Can’t Happen Here, in 1935, when the United States and Western Europe had been in a depression for six years.  Lewis asks us to consider what could happen if some ambitious politician used the 1936 presidential election to make himself dictator by promising quick, easy solutions to [...]

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One generation…

I began my teaching career in 1964, in the same school from which I graduated. I left for several years to design and manufacture children’s clothes. I worked with Filmmakers in the School (does anyone remember Nixon and CETA dollars?) teaching teachers to use 8mm and 16mm hardware. I coached girls basketball and field hockey. [...]

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Hey, Arne Duncan…

For the past week we’ve been the luckiest grandparents in the world. Our granddaughters have been visiting. All four, under the age of 6, reminded us why being a grandparent is the greatest gift in the world. They’re all bright, of course. (They’re ours after all!) Thalia and Ella, who just graduated from kindergarten, are [...]

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Tea Party Admits it wants to shut down Public Education

… How many more ways do we need to hear this rhetoric before we stand up to those planning nothing short of annihilation. If we don’t take them seriously, who will? Click here to read: Truthout: Tea Party Admits it wants to shut down Public Schools

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