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Fair does not Equal Equal

When my children were younger, their operative word was “FAIR,” as in: “It’s NOT fair!.” Most parents hear it. And most say, “I will give you what you need. You and Jeff are different and need different things. That’s what’s fair.” It seems so obvious that those who believe “fair is the same as equal” [...]

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Fixing Education: Who You Gonna Believe?

A philosophy of education has been repeated, however, from every media source known to us. Not by those who have real skin in the game. By business leaders and “reformers” who rely on little or no research, who use improbable business models to tell us how to teach.

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The marvels of Facebook surprised me again last week. A former student–this time from 1968–’found’ me through my daughter’s work. Thanks, Liz ( Wendy reminded me of “Alice in Bookland,” the film we made when she was in the 4th grade. Her gracious message brought on a wonderland of memories. I followed my reverie to [...]

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Welcome to Going Public

Welcome to Going Public, a site for those who believe, as we do, that public education is the heart of our democracy.

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One generation…

I began my teaching career in 1964, in the same school from which I graduated. I left for several years to design and manufacture children’s clothes. I worked with Filmmakers in the School (does anyone remember Nixon and CETA dollars?) teaching teachers to use 8mm and 16mm hardware. I coached girls basketball and field hockey. [...]

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Diane Ravitch: Education has become search and destroy mission

A longtime critic of education fads, Ravitch says that at first she didn’t realize that No Child Left Behind was just another of those fads.

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Tea Party Admits it wants to shut down Public Education

… How many more ways do we need to hear this rhetoric before we stand up to those planning nothing short of annihilation. If we don’t take them seriously, who will? Click here to read: Truthout: Tea Party Admits it wants to shut down Public Schools

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